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    Layout of Stormwind


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    Layout of Stormwind Empty Layout of Stormwind

    Post  Alariais on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:09 pm

    Valley of Heroes:When Deathwing made his return to the world he made a short stop at Stormwind's Valley of Heroes. The towers at the entry to the great city still bear the molten marks of his claws, and the status of Danath Trollbane was sheared from its pedestal. Workers argue even now about the best possible way to repair the damage.

    Trade District: The Trade District lies in the center of Stormwind City and is always bustling with activity. The city's bank, auction house, gryphon master, and inn are all located within. In addition, consumers find plenty of outlets for their coin in the various equipment shops nearby, such as repair shops which also sell armor. For those with a taste for the delectable, the Trias and Gallina families run cheese and wine shops out of the Trade District as well.

    Old Town: To the east of the Trade District is Old Town, the resurrected remains of the small village that was once clustered around the base of Stormwind Keep back in the days before the First War. Though quaint, this district is a bit more rough around the edges. Pickpockets, beggars, and the impoverished try to make a living in its alleys. Though all businesses are honest, their inventories can be a bit exotic - poisons, venoms, assassin's daggers, and potent alcohol are all on the menu in Old Town. Fortunately, the Stormwind guard barracks are located along the edges of Old Town, so those traveling through have little reason to worry. However, the barracks share their edifice with SI:7, a guild of assassins and rogues. Whether the Stormwind guards enjoy the presence of their neighbors is difficult to figure out.

    Mage Quarter: To the west of the Trade District is the Mage Quarter. Though Stormwind had a handful of able mages among its ranks during the Second War, the arrival of the dispossessed wizards of Dalaran signaled Stormwind's importance as the world's new center of magical study. The Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences stands proudly in the center of the district, and the tower is so packed with students that it is often on fire, encased in ice, or half-hidden behind a curtain of sparkling arcane energy. The rest of the district is filled with tailoring shops, warehouses storing magical artifacts and reagents, and bustling coffeehouses and bars filled to the brim with mages and warlocks. During the First War, Stormwind utilized the services of the mysterious conjurers, but they no longer have any presence in the city. Since the Cataclysm, efforts have been made to increase navigability, new paths wending their way through the district rather than only around its outskirts.

    The Park: Deathwing not only scarred the Valley of Heroes, he also irrevocably scarred Stormwind by utterly destroying the Park. Where once it stood is now only a deep chasm that plunges into the sea. Even the moonwell is no more. A number of people lost their lives with this callous display of power, though some of the night elves managed to escape. They are now considering a return to their homeland of Darnassus rather than staying in the city.

    Cathedral Square: To the north of the Trade District is Cathedral Square, the religious mecca for all followers of the Holy Light. Though Stormwind Keep is the biggest structure in Stormwind City, many believe the most awe-inspiring is the Cathedral of Light. Even the druidic night elves are filled with wonder when they look upon its tall white towers and imposing architecture. Within the cathedral are the most faithful and true paladins and priests of the human race. The bishops at the cathedral are on a lifelong quest to bring the light to the darkest places on Azeroth, and all are welcome within the cathedral's walls as long as their journey is one of good and not evil. Other notable locations in the square include the city's orphanage (inhabited by many sons and daughters of families who lost their lives during the three wars) and the city census, where Stormwind's architects and researchers try to find ways to improve the quality of life in the human city.
    Despite the destruction of the Park and damage suffered to the Valley of Heroes, great work has been done to the square. A large cemetery has been added behind the Cathedral housing the most important of the dead down to the most common citizen. In addition, there's a new garden complete with a gazebo, perfect for sunny, warm wedding days.

    Dwarven District: To the east of Cathedral Square is the Dwarven District, where the dwarves and gnomes of Ironforge carve a slice of Stormwind life out for themselves. The air is thick with smoke and sparks, and the ground trembles with the pounding of anvils, but to many it feels just like a home should. A trove of weapon and armor shops line the streets, and blacksmiths create masterpieces out of common metals in the many open-air plazas. Many adventurers pass through the Dwarven District on their way to the Deeprun Tram, a marvel of gnomish engineering and fast transport to the city of Ironforge. The massive spinning cog that frames the entrance to the tram tunnel cannot be missed.

    The Dwarven District has been expanded to include a bank and auction house. The northern wall has been removed to allow access to the Stormwind City Outskirts, which include areas such as Olivia's Pond, the Wollerton Stead, and the Eastern Earthshrine.

    The Keep: Finally, the crown of Stormwind City remains Stormwind Keep. Rising high between the Dwarven District and Old Town, the keep is an architectural triumph for the ages. Within are many librarians, nobles, and representatives of the human peoples as well as the Battlemasters who organize adventurers of the Alliance into armies ready to march on the Battlegrounds. It is home to King Varian Wrynn, who has recently returned after being kidnapped by the Defias while on a diplomatic mission to Kalimdor. In the absence of his father, Anduin Wrynn watched over the city in his fathers stead. Lady Katrana Prestor and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon aided the ten-year-old king in his rule, though many remain critical of Stormwind's interim government. Accusations of corruption within the House of Nobles ultimately led to the source of this discord, and the dispatching of the shadowy Lady Prestor by brave heroes. After his return and due to the devastating events of the Cataclysm, King Varian ordered that the Keep be fortified with a redesign of the exterior entry. Now instead of a hall leading to the throne, it's a grand pathway with a statue of Varian paired with a giant fountain.

    The Harbor: The harbor is located in the most northern area bordering the Great Sea, with the access point set between the Park and Cathedral Square. Stormwind City towers over the harbor, with cannons stationed all along the walls. A major transportation hub, the docks are teeming with all sorts of activity. Both of the most outer docks are currently in use, connecting to Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra and replacing the Menethil Harbor ↔ Auberdine line connecting the Eastern Kingdoms to Northern Kalimdor. Siege engines are also dotted throughout the area, and at the northern tip one can find a large shipyard. If you are friendly enough, Thargold Ironwing will grant you a free aerial tour through the entire region. The Assurance can be found permanently docked here as well, offering repair, reagents, food, and drink.

    Map of Stormwind:
    Layout of Stormwind 830px-WorldMap-StormwindCity

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